Wellness Warriors Meeting

April 20, 2023

Mr O Sullivan and the Wellness Warriors had a meeting to discuss activities for wellness week. They each got a suggestion box for their classrooms to allow everyone to give their suggestions, the wellness warriors will bring these to the following meetings for everyone’s ideas to be discussed.

We decided that our ‘Feel Good Song’ will be Love Shine a Light. The Wellness Warriors will take copies of the lyrics to their classes so they can learn the song over the coming weeks.

Tuesday, we will continue our fitness classes. Physical well-being is very important to our mental health.

On Thursday, Irene will come to our school to do some yoga with every class.

Friday, 28th April,  as part of our Wellness Week, the children will wear their tracksuits inside out to raise awareness that people may feel very different on the inside than they look on the outside.

Looking forward to a celebrating wellness week in our school.

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