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Special Education

In Special Education Teaching, Mr. Reidy organises the children into various groups for Literacy, Numeracy and Social Groups. These groups can consist of up to three children but sometimes there is also 1:1 support teaching.

The children take part in many activities along with Literacy and Numeracy, such as Speech and Language activities, Fine and Gross Motor activities, Lámh, Numicon, Colour Semantics, Magnetic Boards, Lego Robotics to mention but a few.

Team Teaching and whole Class groups also take place. Literacy Lift Off has proven to be a huge success in improving the reading fluency and comprehension skills of all the children. We began in 1st and 2nd Class and we are now currently in 3rd and 4th Class.




Our Class News

Bird Feeding

Bird Feeding

We had great fun looking after our birds who come to our feeders to eat. It is especially important to look after the birds during the cold weather,

Jack and Donagh painting Christmas trees recently!

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