Physical Education

December 13, 2021

Our P.E. Timetable

Below you can see our P.E. timetable.

P.E. Timetable 2021-2022


P.E. Equipment




We chose Athletics as your priority P.E. strand for this year.

For Fundamental Movement Skills we chose to focus on the skills of running and landing.

Outdoor and Adventure Activities



The pupils from 3rd to 6th classes attended swimming lessons for six weeks in the Castle Hotel in Macroom. 3rd and 4th class completed their lessons before Easter while 5th and 6th class completed them after Easter. The pupils from junior infants up to 2nd class learned about water safety by completing Land Paws in school with their classes.

P.E. Homework

We used the ideas given on the Active Schools Website for our active homework.


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Physical Activity

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