December 13, 2021

Active School Slogan

We held a competition to find our Active School Slogan. Cathal in 2nd class came up with the winning slogan which will be our motto as we work towards our Active Flag. ‘Let’s keep moving to keep our health improving.’

Active School Committee

All the children from 3rd to 6th class were given the opportunity to apply for the Active School Committee. They had to fill out a short application form and then the committee was chosen. Well done to all who put themselves forward. Below is our Active School Committee for 2021/2022.


We were very lucky to have some members from the local badminton club come to our school to do a taster session with us during our Active Week.

Irish Dancing with Deirdre

Junior infants to 2nd class got to take part in Irish dancing lessons for six weeks with our amazing local dance teacher Deirdre. Everyone really enjoyed these lessons.

Tug Of War

We were so lucky to have Con from Tug Of War Ireland and Joe from Cork Sports Partnership come to our school for a day to do a session of Tug of War with every class. We really got to test how strong we are and the muddy day made it even more fun!


We had great fun with our trainer Paul for six weeks learning all sorts of basketball skills. He taught us how to dribble the ball, the correct way to pass and how to shoot for a basket.


The whole school enjoyed 6 weeks of Rinka lessons with our teacher Katie. We got to try out lots of different gymnastics moves as well as different dance moves. It was great fun discovering all the ways we can make our bodies move.

Cycle Right

Children in 5th and 6th Class took part in a 5 week cycling programme supported by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, the Road Safety Authority and Cycling Ireland.

Children took part in practical and theory based activities as well as Road Safety.

Most of the programme took place on the school grounds, however, in the final week, children headed off out on the road to put what they have learned into practice.

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