Maths Weeks – Top Maths Tips for Parents

October 19, 2022

Top Maths Tips for Parents

  1. Encourage children to think flexibly about numbers.
  2. Encourage drawing whenever you can (mathematicians draw sketches all the time!).
  3. When you help your children, do not lead them through step by step, as this takes away important learning opportunities from them. Assist in the area/step where difficulty arises.
  4. Encourage children to work on problems that are challenging for them, so that they can learn from their mistakes.
  5. Encourage children to always make sense of Maths. As they work, keep asking them if it makes sense to them.
  6. Praise children by rewarding effort.
  7. Always have a positive outlook on Maths.
  8. Give children Maths puzzles.
  9. Play games!

Here is a list of some Maths at Home Activities.

Here is a list of ways to incorporate Maths into everyday household tasks.



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