Learning Activities in Fifth and Sixth Class

June 16, 2022

The girls and boys in the Fifth and Sixth Classroom have been very busy with many different learning activities over the past few months. They have been learning about different plants and their uses such as the Aloe Vera plant. The children have also grown lettuce, cabbage and beans from seeds. For Maths week they investigated the different properties of 3-D Shapes and worked on different measuring activities.  In early spring the children made beautiful crosses to celebrate St. Brigid’s Day and they made and enjoyed delicious pancakes. They also created artificial snow in one of their science experiments when investigating ‘materials and reactions’.  Fifth and Sixth class are a very creative group of children and have created beautiful pieces of art throughout the last few months also. We hope you enjoy our selection of photos!!

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International Tea Day

International Tea Day

We celebrated International Tea Day in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class today by learning about the history of tea and enjoying tea and biscuits in the sunshine