We love Maths!

  We have been working so hard on our maths this term! We have great fun everyday playing lots of games, practicing our numbers and learning about different shapes! Check out our lovely shapes we made during the week!

Easter fun!

We have been having lots of fun in the lead up to Easter! We learned about the Easter story, baked some tasty rice crispies and made some beautiful Easter art! We are looking forward to our break after all our hard work this term! 😁

Planting Seeds!

we had a lovely visit from Julie into our classroom today! We learned lot about planting seeds and got to plant our own tomato plant, radishes and lettuce! We also got to plant some lovely sunflowers! We are going to pop them onto our classroom windowsill and we can’t...


We have been using the chromebooks in our classroom. Junior and Senior infants have really enjoyed working on reading eggs and math seeds, take a look at some pictures of us working hard!