Ms. O’ Connell

Welcome to Fifth and Sixth Class!

This year we are delighted to have 16 amazing children in 5th and 6th class. Our teacher is Ms. O’Connell.  Since we returned to school at the start of September, we have been very busy in our classroom.

We have just finished reading our first novel ‘Street Child’ by Bernie Doherty which is set in London in the 1860s.  We have been learning lots of History, Geography and Science.  The children have completed projects on the American Revolution, created tourist brochures for famous landmarks and conducted science experiments.  We also performed ‘Ireland’s Call’ at our first assembly.

Creativity is evident in abundance in Fifth and Sixth class. Each Friday, they have been working on the different strands of the Visual Arts Curriculum. They have created art based on the technique of Pointillism and on the theme of autumn.  The children also looked at the work of artist, Vincent Van Gogh, and they drew and painted portraits based on his work.

Fifth and Sixth class are a very active bunch and every Tuesday we have lots of fun during Rinka with Katie. We also do PE on Thursdays. For PE, we are playing games like dodgeball, basketball,  and soccer to name but a few. On dry days we head to the school pitch and play rounders – competitive but great fun.  Fundamental Movement Skills, such as jumping and balancing, are integrated into all PE lessons.  Fifth and Sixth class have also represented the school in the Sciath na Scol competition and are great role models for Rylane National School.

We look forward to lots of learning and fun throughout this school year!