Mr. O’ Sullivan

Welcome to Fifth and Sixth Class!

This year we are delighted to have 21 amazing children in 5th and 6th class. Our teacher is Mr. O’ Sullivan.  Since we returned to school at the end of August, we have been very busy in our classroom.

We have just finished reading our first novel Under the Hawthorn Tree. This is the first book in a trilogy dealing with life in Ireland during famine times by author, Marita Conlon -McKenna. Here is a quick summary of the story.  Ireland in the 1840s is devastated by famine. When tragedy strikes their family, Eily, Michael and Peggy are left to fend for themselves. Starving and in danger of the dreaded workhouse, they escape. Their one hope is to find the great aunts they have heard about in their mother’s stories. With tremendous courage they set out on a journey that will test every reserve of strength, love and loyalty they possess. We are hoping to have the second book “Wildflower Girl” completed by Halloween.

We have been learning lots of History also and we completed projects on the G.A.A. The children created a wonderful display of their work.

Creativity is evident in abundance in Fifth and Sixth class. Each Friday, they have been working on the different strands of the Visual Arts Curriculum. The have created art based on History lessons on the GAA. We have also based art lessons on the environment around us. The children also looked at the work of artist, Sandra Silberzweig, and they drew and painted portraits based on her work.

Fifth and Sixth class are a very active bunch and every Monday we have lots of fun during Rinka with Katie. We also do P.E. on Wednesdays. For P.E., we are playing games like dodgeball, basketball, Olympic handball and soccer to name but a few. On dry days we head to the school pitch and play rounders – competitive but great fun.

This year, the children in Fifth and Sixth class thought long and hard about the chosen charity that would benefit from the school’s fundraising activities. They decided for the school to fundraise for Marymount University Hospital and Hospice – a very worthy charity indeed!

Trip to Mushera

Trip to Mushera

On Wednesday Fifth and Sixth Class went on an outing to climb Mushera. All the children had a fantastic day. What a great achievement and wonderful memory from their time in primary school for all the boys and girls. Well done everybody!    

Learning Activities in Fifth and Sixth Class

Learning Activities in Fifth and Sixth Class

The girls and boys in the Fifth and Sixth Classroom have been very busy with many different learning activities over the past few months. They have been learning about different plants and their uses such as the Aloe Vera plant. The children have also grown lettuce,...