Mr. O’ Sullivan

Welcome to Fifth and Sixth Class!

We have 22 wonderfully talented children in 5th and 6th class this year. Our teacher is Mr. O’ Sullivan. Mar a deir an seanfhocal: Tús maith leath na hoibre. Since returning to school at the end of August, we have been very busy across all subjects and activities in school.  

We have just finished reading the novel Wonder. Wonder is a beautifully told story about heartache, love, and the value of human life. One comes away from it wanting to be a better person.  Wonder is a shining jewel of a story that cannot help but encourage readers of all ages to do better, to be better, especially in how they treat others in life. Everybody enjoyed reading it and we also got to watch the movie too! We have also written many different genres of short story from horror to comedy. Most recently, we wrote the story of The Nativity from the view points of the different characters.

There are many very important centenary celebrations happening in Ireland, many of which focus on Cork and its history. Fifth and Sixth class have been busy learning about some of them. We have completed projects on topics such as, Bloody Sunday 1920 and The Burning of Cork. We also learned about one of our famous Lord Mayor Terence Mac Swiney.

Creativity is evident in abundance in Fifth and Sixth class. Many children have created wonderful constructions from Lego. There are also many amazing artists creating paintings based on ideas from Aztec art to art inspired by our beautiful landscape and changing seasons all around us. Fabric and fibre lessons created amazingly designed costumes for clown pictures and cosy counterpanes when the seasonal changes associated with Autumn were being explored. This creativity also spilled into our maths lessons with wonderful creations based on the Circle and also the creation of Tangram Puzzles. The classes also did lots of painting for Christmas Art lessons and created a huge painting of a reindeer adorned with Christmas lights. They also created beautiful centre piece displays from greenery collected around the school and from home. These helped get everybody in the Christmas spirit and made beautiful gifts to bring home for Christmas.

In S.E.S.E., all children chose a topic to research before the mid-term in October. They created a poster and presented their work to their class during a special presentation in the hall. These wonderful projects took the class on an information packed journey from Ancient Egypt, across the United States to Outer Space and back to Áras an Uachtráin and around The Phoenix Park.  There were also local history projects based on Rylane National School 100 years ago, the Hedge Schools and Blarney Castle also featured in the local history section of the presentations. Excellent projects created by all children. Well done!

Fifth and Sixth class are a very active bunch and every Tuesday we have lots of fun during P.E. lessons either in the hall or in the yard (when dry!!!!). They are playing games like dodgeball, basketball, Olympic handball and soccer to name but a few.

This year, the children in Fifth and Sixth class thought long and hard about the chosen charity that would benefit from the school’s fundraising activities. They decided on the school supporting Down Syndrome Ireland this year. All children in the school dressed up for Halloween and brought in fantastic donations for the charity on the day. For Christmas, we also had a Christmas Jumper Day and made donations to our charity as well.  

6th Class Confirmation 2021

6th Class Confirmation 2021

Congratulations to the 9 boys and girls in 6th Class who made their Confirmation on Monday, 23rd August in St. Olan's Church, Rylane. Special thanks to their Class Teacher, Mr. O' Sullivan and Fr. Peadar Murphy P.P, for preparing the children for the Sacrament.