Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. O’ Brien

This year we have 8 girls and 6 boys in 3rd Class and 7 boys and 2 girls in 4th Class.

All the children have been working really hard learning lots of new things since returning at the end of August. They have settled well into school and they are all very friendly and positive in the classroom.

We have done lots of reading and writing in English, while also revising our cursive handwriting. Recount and report writing were our topics for September and October which we really enjoyed.

We have covered many different topics in Maths such as Time, Multiplication, Lines and Angles, Graphs and many more.

Our Gaeilge is improving since returning and we are thoroughly enjoying learning all the new grammar and vocabulary.

It has been great to get out and be active during breaktime and also for PE, which we all love doing. Katie from Rinka has just begun teaching us different dance and movements and we have been having great fun.

Art lessons, learning about our ancient history, performing science experiments are just a number of other items that we have been doing in class.

The children in 3rd Class received their First Holy Communion in September and they all did a wonderful job and enjoyed their special day.

The children have all worked extremely diligently over the past number of weeks, putting great effort into all their work. Times have been challenging without doubt, but there is huge credit due to the girls and boys who have done everything that we have asked of them. Táimíd thar a bheith bródúil as obair na bpáistí in ainneoin an dúshlán a bhí romhainn i mbliana.